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Software Repair

Hardware Repair

Data Recovery


Hardware Diagnostics

$ 49
If you do not know what is wrong with your computer, we will give you an estimate for repair.
Your diagnostic fee will be waived if you choose to proceed with the quoted repair.

    Software Repair


    $ 129
    • Virus Removal
    • Operating System Install
    • Operating Sytem Repair

    Hardware Repairs

    RAM Upgrade

    $ 29 + Parts
    • Install RAM
    • Test Machine Functionality

    Video Card Installation

    $ 59 + Parts
      We will install the latest drivers
    • Run Power Cables (if needed)

    LCD Laptop Screen (Non-Touch)

    $ 129*
    *Most Models will be $129. If higher, technician will quote customer higher price before proceeding with repair.
    • OEM Quality LCD Panel

    Other Repairs

    $ 129 + Parts
    • HDD and OS Install 
    • Components Build
    • Case Swap

    Data Recovery

    Data Recovery Attempt

    $ 79

      Successful Data Recovery

      $ 229